Ackman says the economy is slowing and the Fed is likely done hiking

Bill Ackman says the economy is starting to slow and the Fed is likely done hiking Published Mon, Oct 2 2023 8:18 AM EDT: Updated 23 Min Ago Pershing Square’s Bill Ackman on Monday sounded alarms on the economy, which he believes has begun to decelerate on the back of aggressive rate hikes. In a […]

Economist Yun Says Fed’s High Rates are Breaking the Economy

Robust job growth in September pointed to a resilient U.S. labor market despite an environment of elevated interest rates. But high borrowing costs are putting significant pressures on key sectors of the economy, such as the commercial real estate market, said Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors. The U.S. Bureau of […]

Investors seize rare high-quality, high-yield opportunities | Asset Securitization Report

Fixed-income opportunities are often either high yield or high quality, but not often both. The current environment is different, however, and Western Asset Management Company is favoring high-quality fixed income credit as a defensive strategy against interest rate volatility and the uncertain economic outlook. Such opportunities may be found in sectors of the market that […]

What’s a proper opinion of real estate’s value?

Often in our commercial real estate practice, we’re asked for our opinion of the value of a commercial asset. These can be as loose as a “back of an envelope” guess to a full-blown appraisal conducted by a certified appraiser. Generally, an appraisal is required if financing is being originated or if one of the […]

How to Know if a Building Will Deliver as an Inflation Hedge

Real estate can keep pace with inflation if it is the right building, the right location and can support higher rents. Commercial real estate has long been regarded of an inflation hedge of sorts — but investors would be wise to do their diligence on demand dynamics and vacancy rates within individual markets, according to […]

Lacking Property Sales Data, Appraisers Look to Other Marketplace Drivers to Value Assets

Rising interest rates are having a snowball effect on all aspects of commercial real estate, limiting access to debt, increasing the cost of capital, lowering yields and leading to a significant decline in investment sales. These factors have created uncertainty around figuring out accurate asset values and widened the gap between sellers’ asking prices and […]

4 Recession-Proof Real Estate Investments for Your Portfolio | The Motley Fool

Inflation is higher than it’s been in decades, signs of more supply chain problems to come are increasing, and the stock market is down over 20% on the year. It’s looking like we may be close to a recession, but that doesn’t man you should panic. We tell stock investors that short-term pains should largely […]

3 Top REITs to Buy in April | The Motley Fool

Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are coming off a strong year in 2021. The average REIT delivered an impressive 41% total return last year, which outperformed the S&P 500.  However, this year is a slightly different story as the average REIT is down double digits. That has several trading at more attractive valuations and higher dividend […]

Adding New Income Streams with Commercial Real Estate

Now more than ever, additional income streams are becoming more and more appealing and common. While you may have considered other income streams, like investing in the stock market, or maybe you’ve started your own business this year, then you know there is a wealth of potential to earn income outside of the 9 to […]

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Delinquencies Continue to Decline

Mortgage delinquency rates, which have been a bellwether of distress in the commercial real estate sector during the pandemic, are continuing to improve. One area of concern, however, is that elevated levels of delinquencies in the lodging and retail sectors are expected to linger as troubled loans slowly work toward resolutions, with some defaults expected.           All […]