Converting Existing Buildings To Self-Storage Facilities

Self-storage facilities continue to be popular and in demand in many locations across the country, but finding the right place to build one can sometimes be tricky.

In many market areas, rather than constructing a new facility, converting an existing building for self-storage is a great alternative. For example, an underutilized warehouse building may make a lot of sense for a conversion, particularly if it is no longer suited for modern warehouse needs but is conveniently located in an area easy for individuals or businesses to access.

This kind of approach can save time with local regulatory approvals if the building is already accepted for storage uses. It can also save construction time and costs if the work is fundamentally limited to an interior remodel of the space to create separate storage rental spaces.

When looking at undertaking a building conversion for self-storage, take into account the following considerations to help ensure project success:

Market Feasibility:
Unit Mix
Design Options for Functionality
Curb Appeal