March Real Estate Dividend Stocks To Look Out For

The real estate sector performs relatively in-line with the wider economy. Prosperous periods bring about high growth and inflation, leading to strong returns in real estate investments. These factors drive the profitability and cash flows of real estate companies, which in turn steer the dividend payout and yield for investors. During economic growth, these companies provide an opportune time to increase your portfolio income through dividends. I’ve made a list of other value-adding dividend-paying stocks in the real estate industry for you to consider for your investment portfolio.

UBA has a enticing dividend yield of 5.57% and the company currently pays out 113.58% of its profits as dividends . UBA’s last dividend payment was US$1.08, up from it’s payment 10 years ago of US$0.95. The company has been a reliable payer too, not missing a payment during this time. Urstadt Biddle Properties’s earnings per share growth of 77.29% outpaced the us reits industry’s 4.79% average growth rate over the last year. Dig deeper into Urstadt Biddle Properties here.

ACC has an appealing dividend yield of 4.66% with a large payout ratio . Over the past 10 years, ACC has increased its dividends from US$1.35 to US$1.76. It should comfort existing and potential future shareholders to know that ACC hasn’t missed a payment during this time. American Campus Communities also looks promising for it’s growth over the next year, with analysts expecting a double digit earnings per share increase of 39.59%. Dig deeper into American Campus Communities here.